In-house chef

The Noosa Forager will come to your home and turn your fridge and pantry into delicious, home cooked healthy meals.

With years of experience in restaurant kitchens, Dannielle is fast at turning your pantry and refrigerator into delicious healthy meals for you and your family.

You may not have time to prepare meals that week and your fridge is over flowing with goodness ready to turn into healthy family meals, school lunches, frozen snacks and more.

You might have a loved one who needs some help preparing meals, or that have special dietary requirements and need help menu planning, my time can also be like a cooking lesson if you’d like to learn more about preparation and cooking

You might have just shopped at the Noosa Farmers Market and need all your fresh market goods turned into many delicious meals, such as seafood pie, lemon chicken, slow cooked casserole, seafood bisque, bakes, or almond and berry tarts.

Basically Dannielle will be foraging your pantry and fridge to create you meals with the foods you love.

And the best part is, you get to choose the food you love to eat and smell it cooking away in your Kitchen ready for the Eating!

Contact Danielle today to discuss her in-house chef services. The Noosa Forager is triple vaccinated, always practices very high hygiene measures and will wear a mask when cooking in your home.