Vegan Platter




The iconic Noosa farmers market is bursting with flavour and colour. Seasonal, organic, and spray free local fruit and vegetables, dips, bush tucker condiments, cheeses, and delicious food stalls. Most market stall holders are representing their own business or a grocer selling a selection of independent family owned farm produce from the Sunshine Coast. We select our fruit & vegetables from a collaboration of farmers or from local independent grocers who also forage local farm fresh foods.

When producing our Vegan Grazing Platter i focus on seasonal and heirloom variety of vegetables, such as Noosa Reds heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers, and our delicate exotic varieties of locally grown fungi from our hinterland farmers such as Eastern Wells, farm gate fungi and Mountain Top mushrooms.

The olives are grown and harvested in Pine Mountain at Watercress Creek olive and lime farm. Edible flowers and micro herbs are grown by nurtured edible micro greens.

The vegan cheeses are made by our local Sunshine Coast artisans at Fine Cultures.

A zesty bite full of local sauerkraut made by Kehoes or Nourishing Wholefoods, condiments from Cedar Creek Farm, the dips are a selection the noosa forager and local makers. Pumpkin is sliced, roasted and painted with a miso & nori paste to smear on crusty organic sourdough baguette, roasted local garlic cloves to do the exact same thing. Mini sweet peppers are roasted, Rozas crackers are an assortment of spinach & sesame, chia & linseed, and beetroot. Charcoal crackers, seeded crackers and crusty organic sourdough baguette made by Tanglewood organic sourdough bakery .

Our Noosa forager Grazing platters are Eco friendly, stylishly presented and accompanied with wooden cutlery, palm leaf plates, paper cups and serviettes. The Noosa Forager’s packaging can be recycled and is mostly biodegradable.

Price: Introductory price $150 for this size that is Generous grazing for 2 people.

Alternatively you can purchase a set of clear reusable classic wine and champagne glasses, that you can keep for your next special occasion whilst on your Noosa vacation.

Delivery Local delivery by appointment only. Pick up is easy from our Noosaville Kitchen. Delivery is complimentary

Extra comfort Talk to us if you would like to hire our beautiful boho picnic wear.

Please note: All our platters can be tailored to your Dietary requirements and can be made fresh, allergen free, apart from sourdough our platters are gluten free.

The platter will be accompanied with a complementary kraft carry bag, palm leaf plates, a set of wooden cutlery, disposable cups and paper napkins.

ALLERGENS You must include along with your order if you have any food allergies so we can discuss options with you. This is extremely important as most ingredients will have allergens to some people. Your platter will come with a list of known allergens. we are always contactable if you have any questions after your platter arrives.